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Art's really nice, but you could've added some animation to the students writing or something to make it even more lively.

Cyaboron responds:

Thanks! I was planning on adding a bit more animation until I realized there was still some schoolwork left to do, might pick this up again sometime though :)

good job fren :0)

SuperLME responds:

Thanks Fren!

Lol same feel

PinkShirtDude responds:

That's right...

I can tell you were inspired by Eddsworld’s 2005(?) Halloween special.

ALINATOONS-18 responds:

yes, and in the ghostface movies

Best vid under judgement I’ve seen today. I love the aspect of it repeating forever. And good work on the smooth animation.

MikeyDowdle responds:

Thanks for your kind words, sir! This also my first post to Newgrounds in about 14 years :D

Animation was pretty good and it gave me some good advice. Thanks fam!

jcunliffeuk responds:

Thanks for the response. Tough advice to follow when you're an animator/ filmmaker working to deadlines.

This was an experience.

tntbeeler responds:

Thank you! :D

Not bad, but you could add some sound effects and music. And it seemed a bit fast-pasted.

Doomdudes responds:

What are the odds, I’m working on that right now

I see a lot of potential in this series. If I could make some recommendations, you could get a better mic. I recommend Blue Snowball. I love it personally. It's pretty high quality. Also you should speak a little louder. Don't be afraid of your voice, fam. Also I noticed at the end his shoes were taken right? After they left, his shoes were still on. Think you might wanna get some beta testers for your videos before you release them. Just some suggestions. I enjoyed the video all in all.

BiTWiN responds:

Oh Thank you for commenting, it really means a lot for us. Yes, we fu**** up that part XDXD. We will keep up the good work and learn our mistakes and became even better.

Tfw I'm Christian and use Young Living to help me sleep. oof.

meatcanyon responds:

get that good sleep tho

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